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Home Health Aide

Home Health Aide

Assist patient with personal care, meal, preparation and ambulation under professional supervision.

Our certified home health aides provide support for patients and their families by assisting with tasks ranging from personal care to basic health assistance. Any services performed will be done in a way that maximizes patient safety and independence while being respectful of the patient’s boundaries.

Our certified home health aides can assist with…

+ Bathing. The elderly may resist bathing for a number of reasons, but not bathing may lead to skin or urinary tract infections. Our home health aides are trained to assist with bathing in a way that is efficient and comfortable for the patient. They also offer sponge bath services for patient with limited mobility.

+ Aid in Personal Care. As people age, even tasks that were once simple may become difficult. Home health aides can help patients perform routine tasks such as brushing their teeth or washing their face to maintain their personal hygiene.

+ Ambulation under professional supervision. Patients may have difficulty moving about due to injuries or chronic illnesses. Our home health aides are trained to assist with ambulation using specific strategies and techniques to minimize the patient’s risk of injury.

+ And more!

Social isolation has been linked to numerous health risks including hypertension, heart disease, and depression, among others. Yet studies have shown that over 40% of the elderly report regularly experiencing loneliness. Our home health aides provide meaningful companionship for their patients through caring conversation while they perform their services. They are willing (and excited!) to hear what their patients have to say, from how their day is going to their past experiences.

We also recognize that it may be frustrating and stressful if your home health aide changes frequently. As Sierra Home Health Care Services, we match patients and caregivers based on the preferences indicated in the initial assessment. It is our goal to pair you with a caregiver that is a perfect match for you. Once a match has been made, we aim to provide constancy of care byassigning the same caregiver or group of caregivers to each patient whenever possible. The benefit of this is twofold. You or your loved one will feel more comfortable and safe, while the caregiver will quickly learn your specific needs and preferences.